妈妈感言:亲爱的Rock,不知不觉中,你已经从长颈鹿的最小学员变成了长颈鹿的小哥哥,从开课时的半推半就,到现在课堂上的自我释放,爸爸妈妈很高兴看到你变得更加自信、独立、大方。感谢长颈鹿的品格力教育,感谢一直关心帮助你的Riley、Sammi、Jimmy、Richie...希望你拥有一段值得回忆的Giraffe Journey!

  老师感言:I used to think age affects learning a lot. However, I met you. You are the youngest student that I have ever had. But you are outstanding and polite. Your character benefits your learning. Rock has very good habits. He never misses his homework and always gives his work on time. When classmates fell from chairs, he grabs their arms immediately though he is a cute little small boy. Wow, that looks so sweet. When the weather is cold and rainy, he sends messages to his teacher Riley and gives his best greetings. Rock is this kind of boys. When his name crossed your mind, you feel warm. Like a cup of hot chocolate in Winter.

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